Best Antra Welding Helmet 2020 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Welding is a tough job, while doing it you have to protect yourself. Thus, for that purpose the best Antra welding helmet is an important instrument that is worn when performing different types of welding tasks. Further, you have to protect eye, face and neck from flash burn, ultraviolet light, sparks, infrared light and heat.

The modern helmet was first introduced in 1937 and many top class companies are advertising different types of helmets. As a result, among diverse choices it is difficult to opt for the best helmet..

But for Your Information!

Undoubtedly, Antra welding company is among one of the best companies that makes Antra welding helmets. Moreover, all Antra helmets are extremely fast responsive to electric arc from TIG, MIG, MMA or Plasma applications. Besides, it is among best helmet manufacturing companies.

Best Antra Welding HelmetBest Antra Welding Helmet

Truly, Antra manufacturers have come with a number of top class welding helmets that will help you a lot in your welding tasks. Likewise, they will also save you from all dangerous injuries and diseases. Consequently, they will cover your head and will give you protection from sparks and radiation burns during your work.
For instance, these best Antra welding helmets come with a wide range of specifications like auto darkening, large viewing areas, and protective headgears etc. Definitely, all the above qualities make them the first choice of all hobbyists and professionals.

Why are Anta welding helmets best choice for professionals?

Since, Antra is a leading provider of welder helmets for professionals and helps to bridge the gap between modern technology adaptation and business enablement to support growth and reach business targets.
Thus, Antra welding helmet has kept all the necessary factors in mind while designing helmets. So without waiting anymore, let us have a look at our few best Antra welding helmets and their specifications.

List of Top 7  Antra Welding Helmets You can Buy in 2020

Welding HelmetsRATINGPRICE
Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening
Antra AH7-360-0000 Variable Shade
Antra AH7-860-001X Huge Viewing Size 3.86X3.5"
Antra AH6-330-6325 Digital Controlled Solar Power⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening DP9,
Antra 10-Pack Inner Interior Cover Lens
Antra AH6-660-6104 Solar Power with AntFi X60-6 Wide Shade Range 4


1. Antra AH-260-0000 Welding Helmet (Automatic Darkening lens)

Size: 3.86×1.73” Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Wide Shade Range
Weight: One pound
Package Inclusions: 6+1 extra lens cover and solar lithium dual power
Color: Matt Black
Batteries: Solar cell+2 CR2032 batteries

Are you searching a helmet with 6+1 Extra Lens Covers? If yes then you have come to the right place. Antra auto darkening welding helmet offers you such quality. Furthermore, Antra AH6-260 has wide shade range 4/5-9/9-13 engineered for TIG MIG/MAG MMA plasma grinding.

And it does not stop there, the helmet is very light in weight which reduces head and neck stress and has 4 premium redundant arc sensors. Moreover, the helmet is especially designed for industrial use so that it can handle multiple processes of plasma cutting, grinding, DC TIG, AC TIG and many more.

Four Premium Redundant Arc Sensors

Fortunately, the helmet has 4 premium arc sensors and they are highly responsive and controlling units. As a result, they provide super fast witching time with accurate auto shading. Moreover, it minimizes harmful radiant bypass avoiding eyes stress.

Passive Filter with Permanent Shade

Do you want a helmet with accurate shade range? Then Antra AH-260-0000 is the best Antra welding helmet is the best options. Consequently, the helmet has passive filter with permanent shade 13 to UV/IR and is combine with double layered auto dimming LCD shutter providing accurate shade range within 4/5-9/9 to visible lights.

Very Light in Weight

Another amazing feature of the helmet is that it is very light in weight which reduces head and neck stress. Furthermore, this best antra welding helmet has fully automatic darkening lens and has a switch for easy switching from welding and grinding. Then what you want more?

  • Light weight
  • Automatic on/of
  • Best tightening system
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • May not be suitable for overhead welding

Final View:

What are you waiting for? Go and purchase this because it is the best helmet you can ever have. Moreover, its light weight, permanent shade and best tightening system make it the best choice.


2. Antra AH6-660-6104 Welding Helmet (Wide Shade Range)

Weight: 1.28 poundsAntra-AH7-360-0000-Auto-Darkening-Welding-Helmet,- Best Antra Welding Helmet
Viewing area: 98x62mm/386”x2.50
Batteries required: No
Package includes: 1 replacement lens, user manual

Are you sick and tired of your welding helmet? Then, we have best solution for you. Antra Solar Power Auto Darkening helmet with wide shade range, extra lens covers and large and better viewing area.

Moreover, it is perfect upgrade for goggles and has fixed shade glass. Consequently, the helmet is light weight and of small size with reasonable cost with automatic power on/off. To continue, the helmet has a knob to adjust sensitivity and the filter keeps alive almost for ten minutes in dark environment before it goes to sleep. It is outstanding!

Auto Darkening Lens

The welding helmet is equipped with the smart chip controlled 4 sensor auto darkening lens, thus, it responses extremely fast to electric arc from tig, mig, mma or plasma applications.

Large Window

Best of all, this best antra welding helmet provides large window i-e 3.86×2.50” that provides much better viewing area. Hence, there will be no problem for the welder he can see everything clearly while working.

Automatic On/Off

Further, the helmet has automatic on and off system as it has four sensors so according to the work it automatically turns on and off. At the same time, it has knob to adjust sensitivity and delay setting.

UV/ IR Protection

As you all know that there are rays as ultra violet and infra-red rays that are very dangerous. So, keeping in view the latter drawbacks, the Antra helmet is designed in such a way that there is protection from UV and IR rays.

  • Light in weight
  • Large window
  • Hard hat adapter
  • Reasonable price
  • Can be returned in 10 days
  • Headgear could require simple assembly

Final View

Finally, all the features of this best antra welding helmet have been discussed. So far, it is among one of the helmets that has sensors, wide shade and many more qualities. Besides, do not delay further and buy the welding helmet and make your work comfortable.


3. Antra AH7-860-001X Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (Interior Cover Lens)

Weight: 1 poundAntra AH7-860-001X Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Huge
Batteries: 2 lithium metal batteries included
Power Source: Solar
Package Includes: 6+1 exterior and interior lens cover
Color: Carbon fiber

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are unable to find suitable welding helmet? If yes then shatter your worries because you have come to the right place. Thus, Antra auto darkening helmet with 10 packs inner interior lens is the best option.

Furthermore, the helmet is comparatively more comfortable with the facility that lens covers can be replaced when needed. On the other hand, the quality is solid and cannot be easily damaged while working. So, welder can use the helmet without any tension.

Comfortable Welding Helmet

Best of all, the welding helmet is extremely comfortable that is a sign of solace for the welder. Besides, you can change lenses as needed i-e when they are dirty, dusty or scratches are there on it so you can remove it and can change another.

No Batteries Required

Let me tell you something mind blowing, this welding helmet does not need any batteries so the tension of carrying another battery is no more. Then, what you want more?

Solid Quality

Accordingly, this welding helmet is worth the price because the quality of the item is fantastic. Consequently so far, nobody has complained yet and many reviewers recommend it as well.

  • Reasonable price
  • Fits AH6 helmet
  • Comfortable for welding
  • Easy in use
  • Does not fit AH7-360-7312


Final View

After going through the merits of this best Antra welding helmet it can be said that it is best selection for welding purposes. Thus, for this reason don’t delay anymore and opt this welding helmet so that you can work with ease.


4. Antra Welding Helmet DP9 (Auto Dimming LCD Shutter)

Viewing Size: 3.86×3.23” Antra-AH6-330-6325-Digital-Controlled-Solar-Power-Auto-Darkening-Welding-Helmet
Shade Range: 3/5-8/9-14
Weight: 1.1 pounds
Batteries: 2x CR2032 Replaceable
Color: Matt Black

Antra Manufacturers has introduced one of the amazing welding helmets named Antra Welding Helmet battery Auto Darkening DP 9 with advance features. However, it is light in weight, high performers, and four premium redundant arc sensors and highly responsive.

What more..?

Besides, it is great for TIG, MIG/MAG. MMA and plasma. Very few welding helmets are equipped with such features. Above all, the helmet is less sensitive to sun lights and is very responsive to welding arc. Is not it awesome?

Engineered for Industrial Use

On a serious note, the welding helmet meets ANSI Z87.1 standard and is definitely designed for industrial use. In addition to that, it has passive filter with minimum permanent shade combined with triple-layered auto dimming LCD shutter.

Automatic Lens

Besides, this best Antra welding helmet has large viewing area with fully automatic lense i-e 3.86×3.23”, providing more comfort in giving clear view of joints and weld puddle. Moreover, you can get better control on the whole welding process and is great to be used in tight spaces.

Full Neck and Head Protection Coverage

As you know, process of welding produces lots of particles, debris, spatters and harmful radiant and strong visible lights. Thus, the welding helmet has shield designed to block particle, debris, spatters and UV/IR radiant.

Flexible Head Gear Mechanism

Another feature of the welding helmet is that it has flexible mechanism: accordingly shield with multiple joint, different positions for flexible adjustments, ratchet gear with fastening spring for easy operation. And thus, has better up position for retaining structure to hold helmet in position when flipped up.

  • Easy to operate interface
  • Stable performance
  • Crystal clear lens
  • Has full protection
  • 6+1 extra lens covers
  • May not work well for household use


Final View

In conclusion, Antra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is the best option for industrial use and those manufacturers who are upset with the performance of their welding helmets. So, conversely they need to directly contact and buy the helmets in order to remove all tensions.


5. Antra AH6-330-6325 Digital Controlled Welding Helmet (Extra Lens Covers)

Weight: 500 grams Antra-Welding-Helmet-Auto-Darkening-DP9,
Package includes: Helmet only
Product Dimensions: 33.02×22.86×20.32cm
Battery required: CR2032 batteries included

By now, you should be convinced that Antra manufacturers provide welding helmets of best qualities. Similarly, this digital controlled solar power auto darkening welding helmet is one of the outstanding product with lens covers for TIG, MIG, MMA and plasma.

Best of all, it has large viewing size as a result, through which a welder can work very easily and comfortably because he can see clearly. Further, the lens of the welding helmet is of compatible design that makes it buyer’s first choice and they never go for other products.

Large Viewing Size

Just imagine a helmet with better viewing area? Yes, Antra digital controlled solar power helmet has large viewing size i-e 3.86”x2.09” with 4 premium sensors. Besides, in the helmet the user works quite comfortably.

Digital Control System

But let me tell you something more! There will be no more guess work when using the helmet because the system has been digitalized. Further, it has easy accurate shade setting with digital control.

Bright Sensitivity

Moreover, this welding helmet is sensitive as sensors are fitted in it so it can detect the environment and is very easy to see even in dark environments.\

Solar Power

However, we know that the helmet has solar power setup and we know that it is cheap source of energy. Therefore, wherever places have solar power in abundance then this helmet is best for them.

  • Large digital led shade display
  • 4 premium sensors
  • Has grinding features
  • Suitable lens covers
  • Price can be high


Final View

Believe it or not, Antra AH6-330-6325 Welding Helmet is the most selling object. In contrast, it has digital controls, powered by solar energy and has many numerous features. Hence, make smart choice and buy this welding helmet for better results.


6. Antra AH7-860-001X Welding Helmet ( Huge Viewing Size)

Viewing Size: 3.86×3.5”Antra-Auto-Darkening-Welding-Helmet-10-Pack-Inner-Interior-Cover-Lens
Shade range: 4/5-9/9-13
Weight: 18 0Z
Batteries: 2XCR2032 Replaceable

By now you should be convinced that Antra manufactures have suitable products for customers. Similarly, Antra AH7-860-001X Helmet comes with wide shade range and extra lens. Since, the welding helmet is equipped with passive filters that have permanent shades from dangerous rays.

Hence, it is one of the features that every welder wants to be present in welding helmet as skin needs to be taken care of. Further, it is very comfortable while working because it is light in weight that reduces stress on neck, inside setting avoids accidents. And, it is extremely great while using in the places where there is tight space.

Flexible Head Gear Mechanism

What makes this welding helmet very special? Off course, its flexible head gear mechanism the most demanding feature in it. On one hand, the helmet has multiple joint for added comfort and is light weight while on the other hand has ratchet gear and has different positions for flexible positions.

Crystal Clear Lens

Most importantly, the welding helmet is with crystal clear lens as it keeps clear vision during the entire welding process and blue light is also minimized. Moreover, superfast auto darkening feature facilitates welder to see clearly before and also during welding process.

Easy to Operate

Now the best thing about the helmet is that it is very easy to operate and almost every one can use it with ease and comfort. Thus, the welding helmet is fully automatic with the facility that lens will turn off itself in 15 minutes when dark. It is amazing!

Stable Performance

Accordingly, the welding helmet is very stable in performance and works well even on low amperage DC TIG. In addition, it detects and responds consistently on DC welding arc as low as 2 Amp and is highly sensitive to lights.

  • Light in weight
  • Highly sensitive
  • Automatic
  • 6+1 extra lens covers
  • Wide shade range
  • Headgear may create problem


Final View

Antra AH7-860-001X Welding Helmet is an excellent product as according to customer review the rating is 4 out of 5 (376 customer ratings). Moreover, this welding helmet is inexpensive, light weight and comfortable so get your helmet and work with interest and fun.


7. Antra AH7-360-0000 Welding Helmet (Variable Shades)

Viewing Size: 3.86×3.5” Antra-AH6-660-6104-Solar-Power-Auto-Darkening-Welding-Helmet-with-AntFi-X60-6-Wide-Shade-Range-4
Shade range: 4/5-9/9-13
Weight: 18 0Z
Batteries: 2XCR2032 Replaceable

Just imagine you are bestowed with the welding helmet that has all the needed features for welding purposes! Yes, this welding helmet is the one with solar-Lithium dual power, many shades and other qualities. Since, the welding helmet is great for TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA and Plasma that adds extra quality to it.

Also, it is equipped with 6+1 extra lens covers and is with affordable price. Hence, the helmet is completely safe while using it as it has shades to save you from ultra violet rays and infra radiation. Further, it is combined with double layered auto dimming LCD shutter.

Safe and Protected

Accordingly, the helmets are safe while working as passive filter is with permanent shade 13 to ultra violet rays and infrared radiation. Nevertheless, the welding helmet is combined with double layered auto dimming LCD shutter. In addition, it has accurate shade range i-e 4/5-9/9-13 to visible lights and has full face and neck coverage protecting welders from spatters and dangerous radiant.

Great Performer

Further, the welding helmet has highly responsive detecting and controlling units that provides fast switching time and accurate auto shading. Consequently, it minimize harmful radiant bypass and also avoid eyes stress.

Interference Suppression Technology

Likewise, the Antra welding helmet is highly reliable as it is equipped with interference suppression technologies. Hence, it minimize false triggering, is less sensitive to sun lights and is very responsive to welding arc.


Truly, according to Antra welding helmet manual, this helmet is great personal protection equipment. Definitely, it can handle multiple processes of plasma cutting, abrasive wheel, cutting, grinding, DC TIG, AC TIG, MIG/MAG. For instance, MMA/ stick welding that are very popular in metal fabrication industry, welding schools and shops, auto manufacturing and repair industry and ship factories.

  • Light in weight
  • Safe and protected
  • Highly responsive
  • 4 arc detectors
  • Affordable
  • Flash mask may get damaged


Final View

Finally, we can conclude that Antra AH7-360-0000 helmet is the awesome choice for welders with high safety, responsive detectors, high performance and fully automatic system. So, order this welding helmet and make your work worth doing.


Buyer’s Guide

As you know, joining metals is necessary part of metal works and has been there since as far back as the iron and bronze ages. Similarly, blacksmiths and artisans weld two or more different types of metals together to create metal joints that are much stronger than binding or joining the same types of metal together.

Surprisingly, as the world progressed, welders played important part in Industrial Revolution. Besides, it is the most important job in 21st century as well and advanced technology has allowed welders to create stronger objects. Also, it allows work in those environments which seems impossible in other ages for example under water environment.

Regardless of the aim, you need to take care of certain things while choosing the best welding helmet. In this guide, we will focus on why a helmet is the best choice for full head protection and how to find the best welding helmet based on several factors and features.


Why it is Important to Use a Welding Helmet?

As you know, welding involves working in extremely high heat as strong metals are going to be melt by the welders. Consequently, the danger of sparks, metal fragments, debris, dangerous rays and hazards of getting burn and risk of injury is there if full protection is not taken especially on the head, face and eyes.

Thus, helmet is necessary to be worn during welding work as it protects entire head. In addition, it also covers mouth so dangerous particles and gases could not enter; it shields your ears as well from any hearing damage.

How to Pick the Best Welding Helmet?

Likewise, choosing the best welding helmet involves multiple factors which we will discuss in this guide. However, there are few important qualities that all models should have. Hence, the essential features for best welding helmets are given below:

Weight needs to be Around 20 OZ

Remember, a headgear that is too heavy is uncomfortable and causes neck strain and wearer can become tired very soon. As a result, this can distract the worker and can also lead to an injury that is why while choosing the helmet weight should not be more than 20 pounds. So that, a welder can works with comfort.

Equipped With Auto Darkening Technology

Since, we know that a welding helmet with auto darkening technology protects the worker’s eyes from sparks and flashes. Honestly, the best helmets have sensors that accommodate for the fluorescent lightening used in many workshops. In contrast, the helmets that do not carry such feature can stay rather dim making it hard to see.

Adjustable Shades

Further, it is a fact that welder does not work with same light conditions so adjustable shades are there providing clear vision and as well as adequate eye protection. Thus, with this feature, a welder can see clearly everything and can adjust shades according to the environment.

Can be Adjusted According to the job

As we know, now a day’s helmet can be adjusted according to the job. Furthermore, welding helmets have advanced features that are specialized according to the job. For instance, an underwater pipework welder needs high tech specs in their helmets comparative to one worn by common welders.


Although, budget is one of the most important factor while choosing the welding helmet. Obviously, the high budget helmet comes with many of the above qualities but it is best to buy safest welding helmet and spare no expense. Low priced helmets are okay for beginners and small scale projects. Though for professionals, all factors and safety issues should considered on serious grounds.

Availability of Sensors

Usually, auto darkening helmets have arc sensors which allows them to rear to changes in light. Hence with four or more sensors, it is possible for the welder to work outside in more challenging environments like pipework in darkened areas etc. So, it is best for a professional to choose a helmet with four or more sensors to avoid injuries or any other damage.

Battery powered or solar powered

Since, you all know that modern welding helmets are solar powered, battery powered or both of them. But most professionals recommend a solar welding helmet with battery backup because they have better longevity than those models with single power source. And thus, are highly convenient with their automatic power functions.

Viewing Area

Finally, it is very important to compare viewing areas of different helmets and wider vision means welder is not restricted and can complete better work as is able to see better. Moreover, desired viewing area is a matter of personal preferences but over 3.34 x 3.74 is considered as large viewing area.

Comfort level of headgear

The final thing which should be considered while choosing helmet is making sure that headgear fits well because this is important safety issue. As you know, the area of skin which is not protected can be the subject to be damaged from UV rays, arc rays and any spatter. So, you must check that the welding helmet should fit your head comfortably.



Hence, deciding on welding helmet is an important and big decision for a welder. As, it is most important item for personal protective equipment as t protects ear, eyes and head. Moreover, picking the wrong equipment could lead to serious injury and difficulty but choosing the suitable one will keep you safe and will enable you to work better.

Luckily, the above all Antra welding helmets are great and will work well for anyone but there is a slight difference between each helmet. This is why; you should choose the one that befits your working criteria.

To conclude, we would like to thank you for going through the entire article as we have listed our top seven best Antra welding helmets. Hopefully, the review will help you in going for the best welding helmet according to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Antra welding helmets safe?

Yes, Antra welding helmets are super safe because this feature has been specially kept in mind. As they say, safety of the welder is their first priority.

Are auto darkening welding helmets good?

Definitely, they are comfortable and are made to fit different head sizes. These helmets are made for professionals with Tig amp rating beneath 5 amps.

How do I choose an auto darkening welding helmet?

Whenever you are choosing auto darkening welding helmet then the factors which are important for consideration are: safety, comfort, convenience and style.

Are cheap auto darkening welding helmets safe?

Yes, they are safe if used with proper care and caution. So, charge the batteries fully and adjust the helmet per welding job and you comfort level.

Is Antra a good brand?

Overall, the brand provides great helmets because they are safe, affordable, and light weight. Thus, they do their job well therefore it is a good brand.


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