Best Lincoln welding helmet – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Off course, you won’t even think about working while doing home projects without the proper gear. And when it comes to working on projects the first thing that stands is your safety which you can achieve with the help of the best Lincoln welding helmet.

Like, if you know about welding or that’s what you do for a living. Then, you most likely know about electric welding hoods because that’s the most important piece you need when working.



Best Lincoln Welding Helmet

Standardly, Lincoln is one of the most well-known brands with best of Lincoln helmets for a good reason.

In addition, The Company has set their standard on peak because of making helmets in a very funky and unique design. Moreover, the best part about Lincoln welding helmet is their increased battery life comparatively to their competitors.

When you have longer periods of being able to see clearly, then you can do electric welding frequently and have higher levels of productivity. Surely, it is the best brand to buy from for price when you consider quality from Lincoln helmets.

Our Top Picks

Black, 3350 Series

  • Adjustable fit
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Light weight


 Lincoln Electric K3419-1

  • Light weight
  • Natural lens color
  • Comes with a bag


VIKING k 3282-2

  • Includes a bag
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent optical clarity


Here are the reviews of welding helmets that will reveal the differences in each of them.

Best Lincoln Welding HelmetRATINGPRICE
Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lincoln Lone Star Auto Darkening Welding Helmet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Glossy VAR 7-13⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lincoln Eliminator k 3320-2 Welding Helmet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lincoln KP4470-1 Viking™ X6 Headgear™ Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lincoln Electric K3428-4 VIKING 3350⭐⭐⭐⭐

1: Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Black Welding Helmet 

Lens switching speed:  1/25,000 secondsLincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Black Welding Helmet 
Battery replacement type: 1 CR2450 Replaceable Battery
Grind mode shade control: 3.5 external
View size: 3.78 in x 1.85 in (96 mm x 47 mm)
warranty: 3 years

So, the first helmet in this list is the Lincoln VIKING helmet 1840 BLACK with many best features. From a 3-year warranty to clear lens view, this Lincoln welding hood is one of our best picks by this company.

Better clarity, real color view

This best Lincoln welding helmet comes at a very low price and has 4C natural color advanced lens technology with 1/1/1/1 optical rating to give you a superb vision no matter where you choose to use it.

In addition, the small lens has two arc sensors, which do an excellent job by providing an accurate shade of darkness for the operator. Like, it’s possible you could flash yourself by blocking both of them at once.

Furthermore, the external grind mode provides instant adjustment down to shade level 3.5.

Comfortable Headgear

The headgear is very good and comfortable to use. Also, the viewport isn’t quite big it’s pretty big at 6.9 square inches.

Digital controls

All of the digital controls are inside the helmet and provide adjustment between shade levels 9-13. Above all, the reaction time on this filter probably is 1/25,000 seconds, which is as fast as it gets.

Extra Features

Honestly, most of the user’s love the headgear on this helmet. It has got a hinge style connection to the rear cradle that fits easily under the back of the skull.

Not only but also, this design distributes weight equally and when combined with the light weight it will give you a helmet that’s too easy to wear all the time.

  • Light weight
  • 4c natural color lens
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • small viewing area

Final verdict

At the end, if you need the best Lincoln welding helmet with high quality lens but don’t need to spend extra money then this is an excellent choice for you.

2: Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet

Lens switching speed: 1/25,000 Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet
Variable shade control : 5-13 Internal
View size: 3.74 in x 3.34 in (95 mm x 85 mm)
Arc sensors : 4
warranty : 3 years

Honestly, Lincoln Viking 3350 has set a high standard because of its advanced technology and features. To say that, the headgear in this helmet is incredibly comfortable won’t be wrong.

Likewise, the whole helmet has been balanced equally so there is no front-heavy feel issue. As a result, you can wear it for the whole day without causing any neck and back pain.

Viewing Area

It has a huge 12.5 square inches of viewing area means you can see everything. Also, the Lincoln’s Viking 3350 4C natural color provides a clearer view of your work.

The optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1 is the best of all you can buy.

4C lens technology

It has 4C lens technology which makes it quite easy for you to see natural colors rather than the typical blue green most other lenses show.

Basically, this incredible lens is in all of the Lincoln electric welding helmets. It makes the view pretty clear so you can be sure what’s exactly going on during weld.

The most amazing part about these best Lincoln welding helmets is that the lens is a large 3.74 by 3.34 inches.

Moreover, not only you can see clearly, but it would be like looking out of a window than a small tunnel like lens, which are like the most standard lenses.

Digital Control

Not to mention, the digital control inside the helmet offers an adjustable shade level from 5-13. TIG sensitivity is extremely good and down below to 2 amps.

Light weight

Well, its super comfortable headgear is praised a lot by users. Lincoln 3350 welding helmet calls it X6 and it distributes weight around the head at six different points. This unique design has soft pads on both front and rear.

In addition, this Lincoln electric 3350 adjusts for mask height and eye distance, conforming to the top of your head and its diameter.

  • Light weight
  • 4c natural color lens
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Large viewing area
  • Natural color lens
  • comes with high price

Final Verdict

So if you want the very best helmet then Lincoln welding helmet 3350 is your need because this is regarded by many people besides welders. And, it has got a solar rechargeable battery with three year warranty and is free of Lincoln Viking 3350 problems.

3: Lincoln Lone Star Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

View size: 3.82 in x 1.73 in (97 mm x 44 mm) Lincoln Lone Star Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Number of sensors: 2
Welding shades: 9-13
AMP ratings:  5 AMPS
Powered : solar

To start, the k4134-1 helmet has most of our favorite graphics in the Lincoln range with its jazzy rustic lone star look. As a bonus, it is a low price helmet among best Lincoln welding helmet range.

Auto darkening

Well, this helmet is design especially for entry level welders or someone who wants a quality of auto-darkening shield over their head with shade adjustment mechanism. However, it also has two sensors to keep the auto-darkening function running continuously.

Moreover, it also features a grinding mode so that you can stay productive instead of switching protective equipment when it is the time to clean your weld.


Not to forget, it has a heavy duty shell that’s also very flexible, lightweight and balanced equally to give you comfort and variety. So this means, you can easily use it in many situations without damaging it or hurting your neck.

Frankly, this feels a bit heavier than the others of a similar design, but it still gets the work done without so much fatigue. And, the batteries are solar rechargeable, also there are two arc sensor’s which help to avoid blind spots.

Solar cell powered

Since, the lone star is a solar model so you no longer need to worry about carrying batteries with you or running out of power. Next, it’s like as long as you wear the model in sunlight regularly, it will absorb the sunrays to create all the needy power.

Extra features

For a great price, this auto darkening best Lincoln welding helmet is powered by a solar cell which is very lightweight and includes two extra inside and outside lenses.

  • Light weight
  • Low price
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Large viewing area
  • small viewing area

Final Verdict

To sum up all this, it works great for a one who want to spend money for the good quality. Indeed, it looks great and every buyer loves it and we hope that you will also love it.

4: Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series

Viewing window : 3.73 by 3.34 inch Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series
weight: 3. pounds
Lens shade range: 5 to 13
Arc sensors: 4
warranty : 3 years

Surely, you will be amazed to know about one of the top quality featured welding helmet. Undoubtedly, it has received high marks from many professional welders in categories such as comfort and safety. In simple words, it means that you can wear this helmet on the longest working days without any discomfort.

Comfort features

Clearly, the lightweight design of this helmet is one of the main reasons behind its comfortable fit. Weighing only 3.2 pounds, this limits the tension and pressure on your neck and shoulder. Adding to that, this beautifully designed helmet is made up of nylon and polycarbonate. Moreover, it also has ADF control and knobs on the outside which are very easy to adjust and reach your hand.

Furthermore, there is also a ratchet attached to the headgear to help you adjust the fit of this best Lincoln welding helmet. Though, you can work without taking the helmet off, it allows you to raise the helmet and let it rest on the crown of your head.

Lenses and shades

Remember, the most important thing is that you should consider the shades and colors of any helmet. For your ease, the Lincoln electric 3350 has a shade rating of between 5 and 13 and let you easily picks the right shade at the right time when needed. Similarly, those applied shades to the viewing area can measures 3.74 inches by 3.34 inches.

Arc sensors

As we know that it lacks the electromagnetic sensor found on other welding helmets, it has four arc sensors. Moreover, those sensors constantly monitor the areas in front of and around your face. When a spark occurs near one, the sensor will automatically go off, and will switch on the filter in 1/25,000 of a second.

Wait! There is more for you.

Solar batteries

Thanks to the inside solar batteries, this helmet lets you work freely without worrying about the dying battery. As long as you use this best Lincoln welding helmet outside in the sunlight, the battery will remain charged.

And, you will be happy to know that once the Lincoln auto-darkening welding helmet battery is charged in return you can wear and use the helmet inside or in cloudy conditions.

4c lens technology

Off course, 4c lens technology can help you stay safe while welding. Notably, this technology works with 1/1/1/1 optical clarity to ensure that you get a full view of everything around going on. Moreover, you can clearly see the minute difference between two pieces of metal; you can see the exact line in the metal too.

  • Suitable for using 40-70 hours a week
  • Adjustable fit
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Huge 1.5 square inch overview
  • Low profile external grind button
  • Light weight
  • the pad on the back may be uncomfortable

Final Verdict

Honestly, we recommend the Lincoln Viking 3350 for welders who want a good helmet but also want to save money. And above all, this model ranks highly in terms of both safety and comfort that it offers.

5: Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Glossy VAR 7-13 W/Grind ADF Helmet

Material: polycarbonate Electric K3419-1 Glossy VAR 7-13 W/Grind ADF Helmet
Height: 11.87 inches
Weight: 1.50 pounds
Length: 11.12 inches
Arc sensor: 1

Believe me, this high quality with low price helmet features a lot of qualities. To start with, it has an adjustable ratchet head band which can help you to fit your head into it easily. And, it is very absorbent as well.

Oversize sweatband

For your ease, this Lincoln welding hood also has an oversize sweatband which improves the comfort zone especially for those long days under the helmet. Adding to that, its light weight makes it easier to use it without any fatigue and neck pain.

Extra features

Undoubtedly, the Lincoln electric welding helmet itself is durable and reasonably comfortable but it has a small viewing area. Still, if you are getting into welding or want the lowest price Lincoln helmet then this is a good option.

To note down, it gives you the same optical clarity as the top Lincoln welding hoods. Plus, the style of the matte-black shell is highly demanding as well.

  • Light weight
  • Good optical clarity
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Natural lens color
  • Comes with a bag
  • Small viewing area

Final Verdict

To conclude, we must say that this is one of the most comfortable Lincoln electric welding hoods. Proving itself, it can work best for you if you are looking for a reasonable welding helmet.

6: Lincoln Eliminator k 3320-2 Welding Helmet

Color: blackEliminator k 3320-2 Welding Helmet
Height: 11.87 inches
Weight: 1.50 pounds
Length: 11.12 inches
Material: polycarbonate

By the way, if you like electric models and that is what you are looking for today. Then, hold on because you are at right place. Probably, you are in search for the one which is unique than its traditional black models. Trust me, you will love the design of this electric k3320-2 eliminator shade auto darkening helmet.

Automatic darkening

In particular, this is the type of welding helmet with an auto darkening model which can automatically darken the lens. Usually, the darkening shade is from minimum seven to maximum of 13 without requiring that you lift a finger.

Viewing area and arc lenses

Well, its viewing side is a little on the larger size and measures more than 3.82 inches by 1.73 inches. Additionally, there are also two arc sensors in it, which quickly identifies arcs and flash to help the model adjust the lens in 25 seconds.

Moreover, it is also suitable for use in a wide range of climates. As a consequence, it can work on low temperature as 14 degrees up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Solar batteries

Beside everything, the solar battery inside will come in handy too. Basically, the battery uses the power of the sun to automatically charge itself for users. On the other hand, the AAA batteries add a little weight but not that much to worry about. Easily, it is a stable size to keep in stock.

  • Comfortable headgear with sweatband
  • Good optical clarity
  • Availability of AAA batteries
  • Big viewport
  • only 2 arc sensors

Final Verdict

At the end, this Lincoln eliminator welding helmet with AAA batteries is a great option for those who want a unique black design.


View window size: 3.78in x 1.67in (96mm x 42.5mm)VIKING k 3282-2 MATTE BLACK WELDING HELMET
Optical clarity: 1/1/1/1
weight: 18.6 oz (528 g)
Variable welding shade: 9 to 13 with Grind
warranty: 1 year

So here, we have ranked the k3282-2 as Lincoln’s best buy for your money. Here is why? It is almost exactly the same as Lincoln’s top two Viking helmets but the difference is just in its price.

Comfortable headgear

Moreover, this Lincoln welder helmet has one of the comfiest headgears on the entire welding market. Specifically, it is designed to endure constant workshop use and remain as comfortable over years of wearing.

Optical Clarity

In addition, it has 1-1-1-1 optical clarity rating with 4c lens technology which gives you the best welding experience without the large price tag it deserves. Above all, the shell looks the same as the two top levels Lincoln helmets, but the main difference is the smaller lens at 3.74 inches by 1.38 inch.

Lenses and shades

Like all other helmets, it has a shade rating of between 5 and 13 that lets you easily pick the right shade at the right time. Trust me; it won’t let you down as long as you don’t mind a smaller lens and only two arc sensors.

Additional Features

To start with, it comes with variable 9-13 shades and an auto on/off function for safety purpose. Honestly, the sensitivity and delay control with digital mechanism helps in managing it the right way.

Moreover, with a hard hat and cheater lens compatibility as bonus features, this product comes along with replaceable AAA batteries.

  • Light weight
  • Comfortable head gear
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Reasonable price
  • Includes a bag
  • Two arc sensors
  • Small viewing area

Final Verdict

In short, if you want a high quality best Lincoln welding helmet without paying a huge price for it. Then trust me, this option is the perfect choice for you.

8: Lincoln KP4470-1 Viking™ X6 Headgear™ Kit

In the first place, this is a professional design electric Viking x6 headgear for all Lincoln Viking welding helmets. Lincoln KP4470-1 Viking™ X6 Headgear™ KitVery innovative, the x6 headgear distributes weight equally all over your head which reduces pressure and optimizes balance.


Indeed, it is very adjustable and can be fixed from fitting on top of the head. To mention clearly, its support distributes weight and optimize balance equally.

In addition to that, it consists of an orientation adjustment pin for optimal resting position. Also, a rotatable front headband can also work great for personalized support and fit.

Also, this headgear of Lincoln weld weighs only 0.15 kg which makes it very lightweight. Moreover, it is easy to use its forward and backward adjustments without any confusion.

Top Features

With ease, it contours to the head to establish 6 separate contact points that distribute weight and optimize balance of the helmet. Coupled with a flexible padded front and rear headbands, this eliminates pressure on the head.

Lastly, the vertical position hinge keeps helmet out of your line of sight to increase safety. Most importantly, it is compatible with VIKING 3350, 2450, 1840 and 1740 Series Welding Helmets.

  • Light weight
  • Reasonable price
  • Includes a bag
  • Small viewing area

Final Verdict

In the conclusion, you can buy this welding headgear for any of your Lincoln helmets and eliminate your stress to a great extent.

9: Lincoln Electric K3428-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Steampunk

Lens shade range: 5 to 13 K3428-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Steampunk
Over view: 3.73 by 3.34 inches
Weight: 3 pounds
Arc sensor: 4
Warranty: 3 years

To mention it clearly, the 3350 Lincoln electric helmet series features the exclusive 4c lens technology which creates a crystal clear true color view of the arc and puddle. As a result, it enhances your control and increases your weld quality while reducing eye strain.

Premium optics

Additionally, the 3350 series Lincoln auto darkening welding helmet has a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating which showcases the absence of common lens imperfections such as blurriness and distortion.

Extra-large view

As a bonus, the 12.5 inch square auto darkening lens provides a large field of view to offer increased application versatility. In return, this increases productivity and also has safety benefits.

Superior comfort

Truly, the one of a kind x6 headgear fits to the operator head with evenly distributed weight across six key contact points.Basically, it improves balance, decreases pressure point and provides a personalized fit for more comfort.

Grind button

As a plus point, the low profile external grind button allows you to quickly switch between weld and grind modes without having to remove the helmet or moving your fingers.

Increased battery life

It is a fact that the longer you can see, the longer you can weld. And more welds means higher productivity. So, the improvement to the ADF’S circuits enables more performance from the battery.

3 years warranty

Best of all, this best Lincoln welding helmet

  • Light weight
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Large viewing area
  • Natural color lens
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Medium to high price

Final Verdict

In brief, if a Lincoln auto darkening welding helmet is what you need the most. Then, go for it as it is one of the best Lincoln welding helmets.


Things to look for when choosing a welding helmet

As you see, some of these helmets have a somewhat similar appearance, but they differ in spec and features. Likewise, they also have different prices depending on the brand and model. So here, we are going to take a deep dive into some important factors to consider when looking for the best Lincoln welding helmet.

Viewing area

Well, the helmet viewing area is something you should consider as well. Likely, some welding helmets have wider viewing area such as 4”x3” and more.

The main point is, it all comes down to your own personal references and type of project you will be working on. For instance, if you will be using it for restricted space then you should go for the one which has large viewing area. This is all because, it can be difficult to adjust your body to be able to see clearly what you are welding.

Optical class

So to say, all the lenses of auto darkening helmets have undergone testing for quality control and have an optical class rating. Moreover, this refers to the clarity of vision through the glass.

Basically, the blue auto-darkening welding lens come in 4 different clarity categories and are rated in numbers. Technically, Lincoln helmets have an optical rating of 1/1/1/1.

Arc sensor

Most importantly, when buying an auto-darkening helmet, you must also think about the number of arc sensors. Functionally, these sensors are responsible for detecting flashes as you work and will darken the helmet in a fraction to keep your eyes protected.

Generally, the cheaper helmets are made with fewer sensors while the more advanced models like Lincoln’s have 3 to 4 sensors. Normally, two arc sensors should be enough but four sensors would be ideal as they lower the possibility of the helmet catching a flash that can arise.


Remember, you will be wearing your helmet for longer period of time so you need to choose the model that has comfortable weight for you to wear.

Actually, heavy helmets could add more pressure on your neck and are truly uncomfortable and unbearable. So comfort should be given the most importance when buying a welding helmet.

When it comes to this, the lightweight and padded ones are a better choice.

Power source

Usually, welding helmets have different power sources. Some work with lithium batteries while others with solar power.

Remember, welding helmets that depend on replaceable batteries are great options because all you have to do is attach the batteries and you can start using them. Luckily, Lincoln auto darkening welding helmet battery comes with both options.

On the other hand, solar powered helmets are most effective since there is no longer a need to keep replacing batteries.

Lens shade

Honestly, you will have a wide range of options when it comes to the lens shade of your auto-darkening welding helmet. Also, the more shades your helmet has the more flexible and smooth you can be. Normally, the 9-13 shade is evident in all helmets.

However, if you will be working at low light where it is difficult to see the arc, then 6-13 shade should be good enough.


Obviously, everybody wants to spend money on a product when it is worth it. But here, the cost of the helmet varies greatly and it usually ranges from $40 to as much as $800. Of course, the more expensive models have the best features and are more suitable for professional use with long durability.


Lastly, thank you for stopping by our best Lincoln welder helmets reviews. We hope you have chosen what you were looking for. In short, find the model that suits your personality; get the features you need, so you will be able to focus on your welding skills.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best Lincoln welding helmet?

Lincoln Electric K3428-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is the best Lincoln helmet because it has all the important features of a safe and durable welding helmet.

What shade is safe for welding?

It is recommended that you must use a shade range from 10 to 13 in order to avoid your eyes from flash burns. It is because of the fact that higher shades have higher darkness which protects your eyes.

How do I know if my welding helmet is working?

 When you look at the sun and the lenses darken automatically then it means that your helmet is working properly.

How bad is welding for your eyes?

Welding can damage your eyes because of the flash of dangerous ultra violet rays but if you are using a quality welding helmet then it can reduce this risk of damage to a greater extent.

Do you need to wear safety glasses under a welding helmet?

If you wear clear safety glasses that will add more to the protection of your eyes when you are welding. In case, you are cutting or grinding, then you would need shaded safety glasses but these are all optional for added protection only.

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